quinta-feira, outubro 19, 2006

Moon Cycle Tarot Deck

São tão bonitas estas cartas!

"Patience is a bridge of breath between moments, the “and” between thought and action. The ship represents the busy world; the sea symbolizes the world of nature which cannot be rushed. Be still, observe, and allow the moment to carry you forward. "

"Self-knowing, self-loving, self-aware: To be in balance with one’s self is a sensual experience; to attune your senses to the rhythms and cycles of the moon is to be divinely connected. Let the grin of the crescent moon slide all over your waves. "

Sinto-me inspirada para criar um tarot.. oh Lita.. vamos para a frente com o nosso projecto? Vamos ser corajosas!!

ps: quem quiser ver o baralho todo clique aqui!

4 comentários:

Lita disse...

Sim.. desta vez vamos para a frente...
A sério!!!!!!

Neptuna disse...


Sim, afinal o que é que temos a perder?

Lita disse...

só o ego... lol... balelas!!!!!

Let's have FUN!!!!!

Neptuna disse...